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The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Union 317 is an organization providing fair wages and fringe benefits to its members who install commercial, industrial and residential roofs for signatory contractors in the Southeast Louisiana area.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

The unionized roofing and waterproofing industry offers employment in the commercial, industrial and residential fields.  Roofers must possess the specialized skills needed to install a diverse array of roofing systems, including hot built-up roofing, single-ply roofing, torch-on and mopped modified bitumen, composition shingles, slate and tile roofing, wood shakes and shingles.  Water proffers install a verity of systems designed to prevent moisture intrusion into below grade and above grade structures such as foundations, basements, promenade decks and plazas, fountains, reservoirs, tanks and similar structures.  Roofers and Waterproofers sometimes work in temperature extremes that demand physical fitness.  Roofing work is very labor intensive and requires that those employed in the industry be physically capable of performing the work.  Roofers may work at great heights and danged from falling off of reefs or through roof openings is always present, so learning safe work practices through apprenticeship training is a must.

Requirements for Journeyman Membership

To qualify as a journeyman an applicant must have a minimum of three (3) years of verifiable work experience as an applicator in the roofing and/or waterproofing industry.  Applicants must provide any of the following as proof of employment in the industry:

  1. Employer payroll records

  2. W-2 forms

  3. Payroll check stubs from roofing contractors

  4. Social security records

  5. IRS records

  6. Affidavit of employment from former roofing employers

How do I prepare for the trade?

The following will be helpful:

  • Physically capable of performing the trade
  • Mechanical drawing and blueprint reading
  • Previous trade experience

How do I qualify?

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation
  • Be willing to pass a drug test

Roofers Local #317 Contact Information

Roofers Local Union 123
3260 Winbourne Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA  70805
Tele. 225-355-8502
Fax   225-355-8048

NOTE: Please leave your name and phone number.  A representative from the Roofers Union will contact you as soon as possible.  Please feel free to call one of our representatives direct for a faster response:

Organizing  Director James Hadel913-669-2517

International Rep. Michael Stiens513-608-8558

Asst. Org. Director Jordan Ritenour614-332-5837

Where do I apply?

Roofers Local Union 123
3260 Winbourne Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA  70805
Tele. 225-355-8502
Fax   225-355-8048

James Scott
International Representative
Tele. 202-286-6392

Jordan Ritenour
Assistant Organizing Director
Tele. 614-332-5837