BAC Local 8/SE is an organization dedicated to providing a higher standard of living through quality craftsmanship.  We have held this proud tradition since 1865 and will continue to uphold higher standards of skilled labor through innovative approaches.

What the BAC Offers:

  1. Apprenticeship & Training

  2. Employee Benefits (H & W, Pension)

  3. Competitive Wages

  4. Safe and Productive Work Environment

  5. On-Line Job Search

  6. World-Wide Network

  7. Cross Training

Transition to the Future:

As the BAC prepares for the future, its leadership is focused on increasing membership and establishing new training facilities.  We are always looking to the future of building materials such as the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), a product with excellent properties.

For More Information Contact us at:

BAC Local 8/SE
Toll-Free: 888-433-1720

Phillip Husband